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Lovepills blue pills for love presentation

LovePills the blue pills for love

vitalove aphrodisiaqueDaily life creates upsets, stresses, tensions… which are the worst enemies of a peaceful libido and interfere with sexual performances. mances sexuelles.

Lovepills is a natural alternative, a sexual stimulant, which due to its formula containing toner and stimulating maca (powerful aphrodisiac) and ginseng, which increases performance and physical endurance during sex, thereby revives desire and vigour in your love life.

Lovepills increases sexual desire, is suitable for both men and women, it is a nutritional supplement developed from the extracts of plants and roots, well known in Chinese herb products, inherited from ancestral formulae, added with Taurine, Caffeine, L-arginine, as well as vitamin C. Lovepills is a powerful natural aphrodisiac which contributes in reducing fatigue and stimulate sexual desire.

La formule LOVEPILLS sexual stimulant contient

  • - Vitamin C, which contributes in reducing fatigue
  • - Maca, powerful aphrodisiac known for stimulating sexual desire
  • - Ginseng, which increases performance and physical endurance

It is due to this unique cocktail tha LOVEPILLS helps in fighting the stress, which inhibits the desire and can sometimes even cause early ejaculations.

LOVEPILLS is a dietary supplement made from extracts of plants and roots, not a medicine; it neither creates dependence nor toxic effects and acts in total harmony with the nature of the body.

The effects of Lovepills

For men:

While as per preliminary analysis Maca (powerful natural aphrodisiac) stimulates sexual desire, Ginseng helps in maintaining an optimum physical endurance, and produces a sensation of energy, which facilitates prolonging duration of sexual relations and improving the pleasure between the couple.

For women:

Effect of Vitamin C contributes in reducing fatigue, which helps in lingering the pleasure from her partner, whereas Ginseng increases performances and physical endurance and thus helps in optimizing her sex life.

Recommendations for use:

Take 1 to 2 capsules with water 60 minutes before sex. To be preferably consumed empty stomach or 2 hours after the last meal. For a «Punch» effect: take 2 capsules together.

The plus of LovePills - sexual stimulant

A UNIQUE formula, enriched with Vitamin C, effective in only 60 min.

Lovepills is a powerful natural aphrodisiac that stimulates sexual desire, effective for women and men

Lovepills is a product made in France by a French laboratory that guarantees perfect traceability.

A product approved DGCCRF, responding to new regulatory standards (Statements healthy property applicable to 12/14/2012)


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